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360° Energy and Environment Consultant

Geoscience & Monitoring Consulting (GM Consulting) is delivering project management and digital solutions to guide innovative and technical leaders.

20 years of expertise in managing people and projects, as well as developing, testing and delivering software solutions to improve team success and business growth.

GM consulting - Ondes
GM consulting - Ondes

Geophysicist by training

Project Manager by experience

Solution Delivery by passion

I am committed to solving business challenges using the latest technology and data resources, combined with experience, design thinking and collaborative strategic approach.

My ambition is to contribute in Developing and Delivering Durable and Relevant Digital Solutions and Products in Energy and Environmental Sectors.

Gwenola Michaud

360° Energy and

Environment Consultant

  • Ph.D. in Geophysics
  • Senior consultant for Energy Industry
  • PMI Project Management Professional
  • Master Coach
  • English, French, Italian speaking
  • Multicultural experience

Benefit from an external expert

You are a major player in the energy sector, you are in the gas or oil industry.

You are a start-up evolving in the environmental sector, committing in clean & renewable energy or recycling. 

You are looking for solid expertise in geoscience, data analysis and digital solutions with proven field experience to ensure the success of your teams & projects.

Define Project Goal & Scope

Maximize Solution Quality

Achieve Solution Delivery

Optimize Solution Validation

Speed up Tender Process

Geoscience & Monitoring Consulting services

Proven Results based on experience and methods, continuously updated and tested.

Introductory consultation

Looking to develop a software solution but not sure where to start? Need help defining, planning or executing your next project objectives and related phases?

Planning & Testing session

Let's examine how to plan tests, their types, and frequencies. We set together the tools to assess system stability, maturity and performance.

Monitoring solution quality

Let’s put in place a testing process and schedule to follow your software development and to continuously assess your system maturity and stability.

Documentation & Training

Let’s provide the relevant information to ensure proper knowledge transfer, training documentation and smooth solution adoption with your users.

Support tender submissions

Let’s speed up your next tender submission and meet tight tender deadlines. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of a geoscience expert!

Let’s discover Geoscience & Monitoring Consulting services

GM consulting - Ondes
Gwenola Michaud - GM Consulting

3 main drivers in my every day activities since 1998

/ Geoscience

Geoscience is a passion. I studied Geophysics in France & USA and continue to push further my understanding on how to manage our resources and energy.

/ Data analysis

Data analysis is a must in geoscience but also in every day activity. It’s a key element in any monitoring project monitoring.

/ Solution delivery

Solution development & delivery give a unique satisfaction improving how we learn and work.


Time is ticking for all of us! Our own energy is limited! Our planet needs to be preserved! My mission is simple: to help technical teams in delivering solutions to learn, work, progress faster and better.


To be responsible and active in using and providing relevant solutions to resolve interdependent challenges for the Energy and Environmental sectors.

GM consulting - Ondes

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Jessica rose


GM consulting,Geoscience,Monitoring

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Kevin Martin


GM consulting,Geoscience,Monitoring

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Sarah Albert



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GMC offers consulting services to potentialize team success and activity growth!

We can arrange a meeting to evaluate your needs, make an initial diagnosis of your situation, present my services & my methodology in more detail.

"Setting and executing correctly the validation of your solution is key to ensure its quality, timely go-to-market and your activity growth, while optimizing your solution development velocity."