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360° Energy and Environment Consultant

Geoscience, Data Analysis, Solutions Delivery and Coaching have been the 4 main drivers in my everyday activities since 1998. They are the foundations of my activities and the way I work here at Geoscience & Monitoring Consulting.

It all started with an interest in Geoscience: understanding our own environment, the Earth, has always been one of my interests. Then came along Data Analysis, a key element in any monitoring project. Finally, solution development & delivery is fulfilling as it is an opportunity to provide some improvement on how users work. Building solutions in a positive and safe environment makes the experience truly unique: people building solutions for other people requires caring for each other.



Geoscience is simply fascinating. We have only one Earth! What else to analyze the subsurface just beneath our feet? This is how I started studying Geophysics in Strasbourg (France) in 1998 and in Golden (USA) in 2001. 

I continue to push further my understanding on how to manage optimally the subsurface resource such as gas & oil. I have been interested in understanding how to use depleted reservoirs to solve challenges such as CO2 for carbon capture or gas storage and to answer energy supply needs during the energy transition!

It would be a dream to be involved in a project involving Gas Storage, Carbon Capture & Storage or Hydrogen Storage! We are facing multiple challenges in terms of energy transition from fossil to renewable energy and we need to provide solutions for the continued increase in energy demand while reducing the CO2 emissions and global warming effects. These challenges push us to adapt our way of learning and working in Geophysics, now more than ever!

GM consulting - Ondes

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a must in geoscience but also in everyday activity: Data is now accessible in so many and diverse ways, ways we could not even dream of 20 years ago! Yet, there remains the need to understand the data, their meaning with their uncertainty and limits in order to draw relevant information and knowledge on conceptual ideas or on practical ways of how a methodology is applied. 

Data analysis requires curiosity, patience and methodology, in order to transform data into knowledge. Data analysis is also a humble activity as it requires modeling understanding and complementary measurements. 

This is an activity which I have enjoyed particularly, analyzing borehole seismic, microseismic, electromagnetic and potential field data, but also drilling measurements. Recently, my interest is drawn toward data gathered in document contextualization and in information collected during solution developments. Only from good data analysis and methods applicable over time, Data Monitoring is possible and meaningful.

GM consulting - Ondes
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Solution Delivery

Digital Solutions are evolving continuously with computer speed, memory and performance. However, technical problems remain: How to deliver solutions in an optimal manner? How to define clearly scope and specifications of solutions to develop and deliver for users? How to meet a specific deadline in a project? All these questions are still to be answered every day by various teams and groups with a combination of project management and passion to bring products to the maturity needed to be fully adopted! 

Through experience in software development and commercialization, I draw a strong conviction of the importance in planning the testing phase as early as possible in order to assure lean execution, focused team effort while keeping the right cost and sustainable development for optimal adoption to users.

Coaching, a way to take it finally fully personally!

I have always been interested in self improvement and have drawn the conviction that with time and perseverance there is no limit to change, no limit to the goal we desire to reach. It takes simply courage and discipline to keep learning and acting while challenging our own beliefs, one step at a time. 

Often, in my career, I have been told not to take it personally. Really? I have built a strong conviction to be responsible fully for my engagement and actions. So, at each project I take it really personally, dedicating time, care and full attention. In the meantime, I keep learning and enjoying working in a positive and healthy environment, where failure or success is not painted in black or white, where progress - and failure - is simply a step forward toward a defined goal. Caring for people and relationships keeps me amazed how life is full of surprise and so worthy. Fostering a positive way of working makes our lives so much simpler.

GM consulting - Ondes

GMC offers consulting services to potentialize team success and activity growth!

We can arrange a meeting to evaluate your needs, make an initial diagnosis of your situation, present my services & my methodology in more detail.

"Setting and executing correctly the validation of your solution is key to ensure its quality, timely go-to-market and your activity growth, while optimizing your solution development velocity."