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From geophysics to environmental projects

Various projects have been delivered for reservoir characterization and monitoring, to gather and radiate knowledge relative to previous drilling or well programs. The experience built can serve future projects relative to gas storage, optimization of waste collection to transition to renewable energy while preserving our environment.

Collaboration & Partnership

Solutions are designed, built and delivered in collaboration with partners sharing courage, perseverance, responsibility and respect to the time and environment. Interested to work with a positive mind set, oriented toward the goal and willingness to share, learn and progress? Please contact me.


Digital Solution Delivery for Energy Sector for Reservoir, Well or Drilling Data

The energy sector is craving for digital solutions in order to improve their operations, but also to access and use efficiently measured, gathered and shared data across multidisciplinary teams. Solutions are needed to resolve multiple problems relative to reservoir characterization, exploitation, monitoring and surveillance, combining multiple data types and models representing the various zones of the subsurface from near surface to the reservoir. Combining geoscience with solution development and validation is critical to provide a relevant solution for the Energy sector and its transition to renewable energy.

GM consulting - Ondes
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Microseismic Data Monitoring & Reservoir Surveillance

Analyzed for geothermal to production reservoir monitoring, microseismic data provides a unique insight to the changes in the subsurface over time. It is also required for monitoring CO2 injection, CO2 sequestration and Gas storage. This passive measurement data provides continuous information on the subsurface, monitoring reservoir and wellbore integrity, essential to the operation safety and environment protection. This monitoring is essential to reservoir surveillance.


CO2 sequestration and Gas storage

Covering two distinct problems, CO2 sequestration and gas storage yet have in common the need to combine a clear understanding of the geology and subsurface along with the injection and storage operations. It demands solutions adapting with the increased knowledge and regulations. This is an exciting area of activity to participate in and contribute to.

GM consulting - Ondes
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Optimization of Waste Collection

Preservation of our environment is a particularly urgent subject for us and the future generations. To counterbalance the tendency in growing consumption and energy demand, we need to revisit the way we consume in general and we manage our waste. As digitalization brings solutions in our everyday life activities, it should be as well for our waste management. We have all the elements to track, monitor and recycle our waste, to make our environment safer and cleaner. Let’s just put it into practice!