4 Steps to define the Vision for your next project 


Gwenola Michaud - GM Consulting

Written by Gwenola Michaud 

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4 Steps to define the Vision for your next project 


Gwenola Michaud - GM Consulting

Writen by Gwenola Michaud 

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Do you have a vision of your activities or your projects? Developing, sharing and communicating a vision is key to remain focused on the purpose of every day activity.

Without a vision, we can work as a team but the work quality may not be there and some timeline may slide. In addition, the passion and feeling of commitment may also be missing. A lack of shared vision among the team limits the scope of the project and could cause problems as each team member may have developed with time a slightly different view of the work purpose. So, better clarify the different views during the vision definition, as early as possible, ideally at the beginning of the project.

What is it?

A vision is a positive picture or mental image that connects personal and team energy with the added values of a given project. Developing a vision builds a common sense of purpose and creates a visual mental picture of the intended project outcome. Defining, sharing and communicating the project vision give the team the capability to view and focus together on the intended results. It helps the team to gather energy toward the common goal. When a team develops and effectively uses a common vision, the team usually better coordinates and executes the tasks with stronger commitment. In addition, the team is more satisfied, which positively affects the project delivery, quality and added value.

The outcome?

Connecting vision and learning is a fantastic and powerful habit to get synergy and energy during the project development!

How to define a Vision?

1.   Think broadly about hopes, dreams and future related to the project. A mind mapping could help through this first step.

2.   What if… Push further the imagination in resolving known obstacles or limitations. Define the problems to resolve to reach a global benefit shared by many.

3.   Refine in order to challenge the vision in order to make it attainable. The outcome of this step is the core of the vision, which is a list of 15 to 20 idealistic goals.

4.   Feel it. Finally, imagine what it would be like if each of these idealistic goals turns into a reality. Imagine the reactions of your customers when seeing or using the final product or solution. Think about how you feel, see and hear.

Get back to the Vision as a Motivational Tool as often as needed. It helps to reconnect with the reason why you are in this business and what is your overall purpose.

Finally, a vision is a picture towards which we go towards and which we want to reach out. However, not only do we continue learning and progressing, but circumstances may also change as well. So, re-visioning regularly is necessary to adjust over and over the vision to refine and make it as current and relevant as possible.

Here is the 2022 Vision for GM Consult: To be responsible and active in using and providing relevant solutions to resolve interdependent challenges for the Energy and Environment sectors.

1.   Think broadly

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2.   What if I could…

  • help learning faster and better?
  • plan better?
  • validate better & continuously solutions?
  • manage projects with high quality and confidence?
  • be surrounded by great partners?
  • apply lessons learned in Oil & Gas to environmental business?
  • have a list of best practices and a full interesting tool box ready to be used and applied?
  • collect and gather diverse use cases to improve the learning process?
  • deliver with higher confidence solutions?
  • can get a quicker return on investment?
  • be a bridge between technical teams within one project?
  • be a bridge between different sectors to help smaller technical teams to get the best practices developed by larger technical teams?

3.   Refine in goals to get a list of idealistic goals

Develop best practices in

  • project management start
  • solution validation
  • solution delivery
  • solution development

Communicate best practices with regularity

Help, assist Technical teams to deliver in

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Environmental Industry
  • Gas Storage
  • Grey and Blue Hydrogen generation

Help Waste Collection Optimization

Gather specific and unique talents with free spirit and let's-do-it attitude

Develop synergy between partners

Learn, learn, learn

Get anti fragile collectively with enthusiasm, serenity and safely

4.   Vision Definition

To be responsible and active in using and providing relevant solutions to resolve interdependent challenges for the Energy and Environment sectors.


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Gwenola Michaud - GM Consulting

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